My name is Iverson Ng and I’m on my way to realise my dream.

When I was an exchange student in Denmark, I conducted a project in Ukraine and was exposed to European politics with a chance to interview Eurocrats in Brussels. I never thought it would be possible to have access to the most powerful institutions in Europe and I started to think about the career prospect in the EU.

To become the impossible, I decided to take courses related to European politics after returning to my bachelor studies in Hong Kong, so that one day my hard work would pay off. It did pay off in a conference which simulates a meeting among the head of states in the European Council. I was awarded as the best individual delegate.

Thanks to my parents’ gift of making me an extrovert, I learnt about Estonia through my social network and won a trip to Brussels to have meetings with Eurocrats about the most pressing European issues by then. It seemed that my dream was on its way to become a reality.

To pave the way to Brussels, I arranged a meeting with professors from the University of Tartu in Estonia so that I could start a new life in the most forward-thinking country in Europe. And my plan worked.

Roughly 100 days ago, I landed in Estonia again to start my new life as a Master’s student of EU-Russia Studies Programme at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies.

Now, I’m inviting you to witness my path to become the impossible.

Let’s get started!