Without Denmark, I wouldn’t be able to travel to so many countries in roughly four months.

At first I didn’t plan to leave Denmark while studying in Danish School of Media and Journalism because I was on a tight budget.

My first taste of travelling alone began as there was an outbound study trip in Brussels. Instead of hitting the road with other international classmates, I decided to visit my Dutch buddy who lived in Amsterdam. While staying in Brussels, I was lucky enough to witness the light symphony for 25th German reunification celebration at Brandenburg Gate. As planned, I had a one-day walking tour in Hamburg and Luxembourg respectively.

Few weeks later, I decided to visit my Czech buddy who used to study in the same university with me, and the road to Central Europe was thus opened. In mid-November I travelled to Poland for my first couchsurfing experience, Slovakia for comparing my previous visit to the Czech Republic, Austria for its music legacy, Serbia for its war-torn history, Bulgaria for a friend whom I met in Kazakhstan, and Croatia for another Kazakh buddy who participated Model UN with me. That’s more or less about how I travelled around 6 countries by coaches in a week.

My final project about Ukraine also drove me to travel more before crossing the military checkpoints for war-zone reporting. So I spent few days in the UK, fulfilling my very last wish to visit the BBC headquarter before risking my life for good. Like the Brussels assignment, I make use of over layers to stay in Hungary for a day before Ukraine, and spend two more days in Lithuania before flying back to Denmark.

When I wrapped up my journey in Denmark, I found that I celebrated Christmas and New Year in a Nordic way–wandering around the old town in Stockholm, doing free hugs in the Norwegian capital Oslo, and visiting friends in different regions of Finland. Then, as promised to my classmate, I celebrated her birthday in Siberia. I further took advantage to travel more in Moscow, Russia.

A free hug campaign which aims at raising awareness for the homeless in Oslo, Norway during Christmas Day 2015.