Representing Portugal during HK Model EU Conference 2016

During 2014-15 academic year, I participated trainings and conferences of Model United Nations(MUN)–stimulations of representing different countries on various global agenda. In 2016, I took a step further and enrolled Hong Kong Model European Union(MEU) Conference as the delegate of Portugal on the issues of Migrant Crisis in Europe. Below are the position papers as the respective delegate of each conference.

(Training) Hong Kong Baptist University MUN Conference 2014–Slovenia 

(Final) HKBU MUN Conference 2014–Cuba

HKMUN Conference 2015–USA

New Silk Way International MUN Conference 2015–USA

Harvard World MUN Seoul Conference 2015–Venezuela

HKMEU Conference 2016–Portugal

Speaking at a Kazakh-led Model United Nations conference in Almaty, 2nd largest city of Kazakhstan